Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book Review: Who Is Deborah

Elise Title's Who Is Deborah is a great modern day gothic novel complete with an amnesiac heroine, a dark and brooding hero, and two twisted secondary characters that keep you on your toes wondering who did or, or who is going to do it throughout the whole 241 pages of the book.

Deborah was attacked in NYC and a private detective friend of her husbands has located her in the hospital to bring her home, but when she gets there things are not what they seem. Her husband is a horror writer who lives with his cousin, who is just a little bit crazy. Oh and Deborah is finding out that the person she's supposed to be wasn't very nice, which isn't how she really is. That gets people wondering.

There are several attempts on her life while she's at Raven's Cove, but her memory is slow to return and she doesn't know who she can trust.

The best part about the book is the suspense surrounding Deborah's return. The reader is left wondering when she's going to remember, and you know she's got to remember her past life at some point.

The thing that bothered me the most was their wasn't any closure at the end, when she regained her memory and the killer/would be killer is exposed.

This was a good enough read, but again the ending left a little to be desired.


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