Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review: Secrets Of The Playboy's Bride

This is the last of the books about the Medici Men, only the hero, Leo Grant doesn't know he's a Medici.

I still have to read the middle book in the series, but I have to say I really loved the brothers that Leanne created with this mini-series. They were strong, stubborn and even when they felt they were wronged, they still stood by their women.

I loved that it was Calista out for revenge for the death of her father after his finances crumbled due to a bad business dealing with Leo's "dad". Their courtship was pretty quick, which was a bit hard to believe, but it fit with Leo's personality. When he wanted something he got it and it was what Calista was aiming for too.

It became quickly apparent that though Calista didn't have plans for this marriage lasting very long her heart had other plans. If only she didn't have a sleazy PI looking into Leo's background. That's where things get interesting. One of Calista's sister's has some personal issues and Leo helps out and gets her on the straight and narrow.

And when things go from bad to worse with the PI, Calista brings him news of a family he didn't know that he had. I loved the ending with the reunion of all the Medici brothers. It was a fitting ending to an awesome mini-series


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