Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book Review: Lady Elmira's Emeralds

Lady Elmira's Emeralds is a fun romp that really ties two romances together between the Lady Imogen and Viscount Oakfort as well as his sister Caroline and Imogen's brother Arthur. The only problem is the matter of his aunt's emerald pendant that has been lost found and lost again, about 20 times in the story. Oh and Imogen's betrothed to Rodney a rather Bryon-esque poet.

The story basically revolves around George and Imogen trying to resolve their feelings for one another while trying to get the necklace back to its rightful owner, without that owner finding out that it was missing.

This story was cute. OK, it was very cute. The inclusion of two peacocks that caused a feud between the Viscount's and Imogen's families really added something to the story. Both birds had a lot of character and their actions brought a great deal of humor to the story.

The Viscount's family seemed to be a bit more developed and it was easy to like Elmira, George, Caroline and Hilliard, it wasn't quite as easy to like Imogen. She seemed a bit to flighty, especially when it came to making her mind up between George and Rodney.

This was a light and entertaining book. Definitely good for boring afternoon.


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