Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Review: More Blazing Bedtime Stories

More Blazing Bedtime Stories will have readers taking a cold shower before heading to bed. Julie Leto and Leslie Kelly have created two stories that are part fairy tale and part paranormal erotica.

Into the Woods is the story of a fairy godmother that wants to get out of the fairy godmother business and with good reason. As a fairy godmother Tatiana has to match up princesses and princes but she can never get a match for herself. That's why she takes things into her own hand crossing into the real world.

Tatiana and Jack St Cloud have unbelievable chemistry and his sister is the key to her gaining her freedom.

This story really was a hot and spicy read. It didn't take Tatiana very long to get busy with Jack and some of the scenes between the two are actually beyond steamy, but what really makes the story work, is that you really feel bad for Tatiana, who has spent 400 years granting wishes, but she never got her own wish granted.

Then there's One Upon A Mattress, by Leslie Kelly. A rather wicked queen is looking for a match for her son and enlists the help of a werewolf to find the missing princess. The only problem is, werewolves mate for life and the werewolf just happened to fall madly in lust with Princess Penelope who has more piercings and tattoos than any sensible princess would have.

I personally had a hard time wrapping my mind around the goth girl princess thing, but that didn't make the story any less enjoyable. I just spent a lot of time wondering why Penelope did the things she did, in her quest for answers about her family, but again...WOW! The scenes with Lucas in the bedroom were really hot.

This book gets five glasses of ice water!


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