Friday, March 5, 2010

I Remember When

There was a time when my idea of a great day shopping involved combing through aisles and aisles of clothing.

I still enjoy doing that from time to time, because I love pretty clothes, but anymore the thing that really makes me happy is going to a book store. Any book store. Used books make me the happiest, because they are cheaper, but I'l take Barnes & Noble or Books A Million too, because they come with coffee!

When I think of my plans for the weekened, I always wonder if I'll be able to get a trip to Goodwill in, so I can see if there are any new books on the shelves for 99 cents. That's the kind of thing that brings me joy, even if the floors of my house are covered with used paperbacks of every size and shape imaginable.

Imagine my glee when I get to go somewhere like Paradox Books in Wheeling, WV where a lot of my favorite romances only cost 50 cents! I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me. I only wish I could get there soon. I haven't been to Wheeling since Christmas shopping season.

I'm hoping that this weekend I can combine two of my favorite shopping past times, clothes and books, even though I'm flat broke!


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