Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Review: The Ultimate Betrayal

Michelle Reid's The Ultimate Betrayal goes were most presents novels fear to tread, inside a married couples home.

Rachel and Daniel have been married for seven years, and have 3 children, when Rachel learns that he's been cheating. This throws their whole life into a tailspin and asks a question that so many couples ask when one partner has strayed, should we try to rebuild the trust that has been shattered?

It wouldn't be a romance novel if they didn't try to make a go of it, and through the period of time were they are trying to work things out, we learn a bit more about Rachel and Daniel.

At first its easy to dismiss Rachel as being stupid and insipid, but as the book progresses we learn why she's the way she is, and we even learn to sympathize with Daniel a little bit though there are things that he's done, besides the affair that just seem so damn odd.

It was great to see a presents novel not dealing with a virgin, but rather a couple that's almost normal, even though they are well-to-do. A great read.


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