Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Buy New Books? Perish The Thought!

I was reading at Emily Bryan's blog about an article about things you shouldn't buy new. Read the article here.

I think authors and musicians should be disgusted by that. Actually everyone in the entertainment industry. Sure its great to get a deal, but reselling doesn't give anything to the creators of the product.

I'm not saying don't buy anything used. After all, used book stores and CD stores are like going on a treasure hunt, but to say, never buy a brand new book or CD or DVD is just ridiculous!

I've found that in many instances a lot of major used stores don't discount books all that much, and sometimes you just don't want a book that's been around the block a few times or a CD that's already scratched to high heaven. For me, used book stores are the most fun when I find backlist books that are no longer in print. Sure I admit when times are tough, that I'll pick up a book that's in a used store that's new, but only if its in great condition.

I like to support my favorite authors. After all, if we didn't buy their books new, how will the publishers know that we love them!


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