Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Book Review: Johnny Angel

Danielle Steel's Johnny Angel is a winner. This book should come with a box of tissues though, because to quote an old Bachrach and David song, "Anyone who had a heart" would not get through this book without shedding some tears. OK, without shedding a lot of tears.

This is the story of a teenager (Johnny) who's life is cut too short and how he comes back to help put his family and his girlfriend's family back together again, though only two people can see him, his mother and his younger brother.

There are a lot of fiction about the afterlife. I've read several and this one is beautifully written. It gives you hope, especially when things are going terribly wrong, and they do go wrong for Johnny's family, even beyond his death. Johnny's return is to help put things to rights, perhaps things he couldn't do when he was alive.

In 210 pages, Danielle Steel gives us a story that is totally unforgettable and totally heartbreaking and yet happy. The last pages are definitely worth reading the book for.


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